Everybody should know Cognitive Functions

I wish anyone above the age of 10 can understand Cognitive Functions.

As quick as possible, so they can move away from theory & relate the concepts in real life.
That’s the only way anyone will remember this complex-looking science.

So if any of my writing stops making sense,

or you lost your fight with your Attention Span - Please let me know. That’s my fault (You’re 10+, right?)

Moving on to why I wish the world knew about Cognitive Functions

I wish in the future, children go..:

“Ah, my dad isn’t stubborn. He’s just a Ni user like me!
And Ni users have their own language I need to speak in.”

“Dad, I swear I’ll (insert thing he potentially wants) get an A grade in the next test if you can get me that new toy car

..or anything like it!

(Ni users need options. They hate following orders!)

I really love that matte body & wheel design!

(produce organic desire in Ni user by telling how they’ll give you a good experience by simulating Si- mentioning physical characteristics you desire)”

…This example was as useless as it gets.

I’ve never seen a kid who doesn’t do the above automatically. And I doubt any of them spent hundreds of hours studying Cognitive Functions and all that gibberish.


…But when we’ll be surrounded by hyper-realistic A.I. who understand us better than ourselves:

Whom we’ll share our deepest worries with, just as we do with Google/Alexa/ Siri now.

Whom we’ll ask what we should do with our lives.

Whom we’ll substitute every human interaction with (When was the last time you asked a stranger for directions?).

At least in those situations, I wish everyone to know:

“Ah, this robot knows I’m a Ti user - which is why it keeps asking me my thoughts about various topics”

“Ah, this robot knows I’m a Ne user - which is why it keeps on ordering me & I keep on following her”

“Ah, this robot knows my Inferior Function’s needs aren’t being met - It’s emulating it. That’s why I feel so understood”

I would be happy if I manage to bring such future to reality.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve something so grand. This information has been out there for almost a century now.

What different do I know?

I’ve seen how people love gobbling up MBTI stuff, despite its inaccuracy.
I’ve seen how people never watch long, un-edited videos.

For now, let’s start writing a short post about Ni (Introverted Intuition) on my website. It’s my Hero Function so I know it better than anything else.


Where is the explanation for the darn function? You just read it.

Every “I wish…” statement (I wish in the future, children…)

Every bit of my planning to bring that “I wish…” to reality.

The last section where I write my doubts, think back to what I have seen to work & what doesn’t work.

And finally taking a specific action based on it.

All relate to the introverted intuition Function (Ni) & extroverted Sensing (Se).

By understanding Ni, you have almost understood Se (They are like Yin-Yang. Darkness & Light).

This was Part 1 of the total 16 Cognitive Functions.

I don’t know if an essay format like this helped explain the function better than a boring concrete direct & logical explanation.
Maybe I can use Mahabharata for explaining the next function Ne?

I would appreciate any feedback!

(Yes, even you from the 2030s. I truly believe understanding our wiring is the first step to live beautifully- which gets us closer to healthy longevity).


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