You’ve made a decision.
Discovering America is your life goal.
You set sailing towards the North.
It’s the only clue you get from the expensive witches (who also managed to sell you four dozen books on controlling your destiny).
They offered lifetime support, it was hard to say no.

Committing yourself to a goal is noble.
You stop complaining as you have burned the option to step back.
You start loving the process.

You begin to see how [[the Journey]] is all what matters.
You could have done something else, & still faced trouble.
Better face trouble where it matters.

But don’t forget- You still don’t know if heading North will lead you towards America.
Committing does not give you the right to wear blinders.

You need to look outside.
Accept the possibility of seeing despair.
Look for concrete signs if you’re getting closer.
Accept the reality if you’re not.
America does not care if it took you a day, a year or a decade to realize this.

What do you care about?
Words do not matter. Speak through your actions.
Adjust your boat or continue living a lie.
Adapting might feel terrible, but this is another test for you.
Will you continue loving the Journey?

That’s the problem of having blind love for a process.
The goal stops mattering.

Other-times, you may find yourself enjoying the cold north winds,
Keep going.
You might just discover something better than America.

Only fear inaction.
Right now, reaching somewhere ‘wrong’ is miles better than reaching nowhere.
Most fail to finish.
By finishing, one reaps partial benefits.
You’ll have crazy boat skills.

You can always look outside and adjust when things get too cold.
You’ll end up reaching Netherlands.
Isn’t Netherlands cooler than America anyway?

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