First, to just write. Getting started is more important (especially for Ti users, we need more of your thoughts out in the world)

  • Notes app in your phone
  • A diary
  • Your facebook wall
  • Your society’s notice board

How to start blogging without Blogger or using Google

This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes

  • (optional) Buy your domain name (Porkbun, Hover, Cloudfare Domains)
  • Create a Github Account
  • Follow these instructions
  • Start writing!
    • Download Obsidian. It’s the best writing app that is highly customisable & respects your privacy

Linking Github Pages

  • A bit more complex. Try asking the ‘tech-guy’ of your family to do this. Here’s a video

Adding comments feature

  • Your website would be incomplete without a comment section (or would it?)
    • Click here. Choose your page repo (
    • You’ll be redirected to a page. Copy the code at the bottom. Paste it in your post.html (In Layouts folder)

What should I write about?


Like a river creating tributaries, you’ll notice your mind will flow with new ideas once you start writing.

(This was the first time I used the word ‘tributary’ other than my 7th Grade Geography Exam)

Who knew studying Geography would come handy one day? The [[dots]] only make sense looking back

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