I believe blogging or just writing is a great way for [[Ti users]] (need to figure out backlinks) to meet their need of being listened.
Ti users need to organize their thoughts, perhaps more than Fi users as they’ll go crazy if they don’t have someone to listen to them.

The most common example where I have seen this happen is: the kind hearted teacher. You know, those teachers who everybody loves because she doesn’t punish or verbally abuse the students.
That teacher, gone berserk all of a sudden. “I don’t want to listen to what you say”. “Don’t tell me about your x,y,z problems”, etc

That’s a rough example of a Fe (Extroverted Feeling: Values other’s feeling more than one’s own feelings ) user going crazy.
Extroverted Feeling users have Introverted Thinking by default (Values one’s own thinking over other’s thinking).

If an Extroverted Feeler has to handle with other’s feelings too much & does not get their part of the pie (Being listened to their thoughts), they go crazy.

If Ti users like the kind hearted teacher have a regular habit of writing & organising their thoughts, and they get feedback from even one or two students- I believe it’d make their day.

So the next page I’ll try to write on how anyone (especially Ti users) can get started writing
UPDATE: How to get started with writing

P.S: How does one know they are a Ti user?
-> Take this test, and read about the type you get. See if you relate with it
You’re a Ti user if you get

Another thing I forgot to write about [[Ti users]]
If you are a Ti user, your thoughts truly are unique :)
You NEED to share them with the world! The topic does not matter. Just think of some way you can help others & note it down.
You’ve heard [[Fi users]] cribbing all your life. You likely have developed your unique way of advicing them. Why not just write that? The internet is a vast space and unlike cities, things don’t feel crowded here :)

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