Living beautifully for as long as possible.

Why lifespan is important

Imagine someone who lived the life template till their 60s. They begin digging into their passions only after their late 60s.
They reach Mastery in their late 70s.
Mastery does not mean running out of things to do.
Mastery gives one a million of things to do.
All that potential, but their body does not allow it anymore.

Now imagine if they had a healthy body that enabled them to keep going for 40-60 years more.
They’d bring in so much contribution.

Or take someone who’ll die in their 30s from heart disease.
But they don’t.
So much potential!

Granted, not everyone who’ll live long will bring crazy contributions.
The opposite might be true.
People might live the life template till their 100s, spend the remaining years creating excuses.
“Ah, my days are over”.
They’d then project their ambitions on the coming generation.

You only need 10-12 people (from 9B) making startling discoveries per century.
Repeat for 4-5 centuries & you have unimaginable possibilities.

Besides, who does not want to spend more time with their loved ones?

I don’t care! Why are you prolonging our suffering? Life sucks & I don’t want to live any longer!

If you have enough consciousness to line up words, why not spend that consciousness trying to live beautifully?

Okay…What about immortality?

That’s a tough one. I don’t know.

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