Doing nothing is achieving nothing.
No worse than doing everything and achieving nothing.
Everything matters. What do I choose?
Choosing the right choice might give me more benefits.

Just start. You have not failed until you stop trying.

But I don’t feel sure.
I have not finished processing my thoughts!
I know I’ll be able to make a better decision after I finish processing that thinking!
But why am I delaying processing that thinking?
Do I actually enjoy being paralysed? No!
In fact I CRAVE for the feeling of burning all bridges and being able to move only in one direction.

You enjoy thinking. Thinking, to make a difference.
Your problem is that you’ve stopped.
Stopping is a valid move. Stopping prevents irreversible damage when you’re about to drive off a cliff.
But right now, you’re like a stalled vehicle.
Keep playing with the steering wheel and you’ll only ruin your wheels.
You can think all you want, make adjustments, or even go back reverse!
They’re impossible without starting.

So the wise thing to do is start - will 5km/hr be okay?
Yes, my friend. Start.
Then fiddle with the steering wheel all you want.
That’s where your thinking will actually make a difference.

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